At Skaffolder we are asked this question a lot and we feel we can frame the question from the correct perspective.

A code generator is useful if:

  • The cost of writing and maintaining the code generator is less than the cost of writing and maintaining the repetition that it is replacing.
  • The consistency gained by using a code generator will reduce errors to a degree that makes it worthwhile.
  • The extra problem of debugging generated code will not make debugging inefficient enough to outweigh the benefits from 1 and 2.

Anytime you need to produce large amounts of repetitive code, the code generator is the answer for the job. Instead of hand-coding you can use a template-driven code generator (just say Skaffolder) to make it. The advantages of this procedure are:

  • It is faster (especially if a large amount of code needs to generate)
  • You can regenerate the code (using Skaffolder even change the stack)
  • Less error prone

At Skaffolder, we help developers create web and mobile applications faster and more efficiently. The challenge we identified in software development was a combination of the reality of competitive market demands, tight deadlines and an almost overwhelming proliferation of technology.

With about 23 million total developers in the world there is an approximately $10 billion application development marketplace in the United States today. While there are many frameworks available in the marketplace today there is not a single place to find a collection of certified quality templates, until now.

Skaffolder is a platform that allows developers to quickly build custom web and mobile applications in multiple programming languages. Starting from a visual modeling, it allows you to generate the source code, documentation and initial interface you need to get a project started. We store the code on your GIT repository in your chosen programming languages and unlike other low code or no code generators, you control the code. We address a challenge for many development teams and our solution delivers more than a 40% time savings on most projects.

So a code generator gives you:

  • speed
  • reproducibility
  • a lot less errors
  • a lot more free time!


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