How can JavaScript programming language NPM package manager improve functionality?

Why Choose NPM?

How can developers improve their source code? They can use a package manager, like NPM to make more packages available. The original JavaScript NPM was created by Isaac Z. Schlueter in 2010 to improve module packaging. He had created a package manager that solved the problems associated with others. The Node.JS installer includes NPM as a recommended feature. Node.JS was written by Ryan Dahl back in 2009 to create a JavaScript that could be used everywhere.
It allowed for web application development to be advanced using a single programming language. This has spurred the growth of smartphone applications that are not restricted by a landline desktop computer. The addition of NPM provides, what is called the "NPM Registry." Users can consume and distribute JavaScript modules found on the aforementioned registry. Some estimate that there are more than 477,000 packages on this registry.

Superior Boilerplate

Instead of creating source code functionality from scratch, developers can use the Angular boilerplate with NPM to improve their applications. If you are new to web applications or want a proven architecture, then this boilerplate might be of use. This also establishes best practices, so you are able to optimize your apps' efficiency. This will install the packages from NPM for you. Next, it will perform the build operations. It will serve the application and run unit tests to make sure that everything is copacetic. Files will be used to create directories, configure the development environment or handle various deployment processes that are key to your project being successful. This is a well-established, comprehensive, pre-packaged solution for JavaScript.

Programming Made Easy

There is no reason to try to re-invent source code that has already been written. You can save valuable time using boilerplates with NPM. These have also become standard, so they are well-recognized within the IT community. Developers can find great features, services and information at Skaffolder. We, at Skaffolder provide you with the architecture to improve your source code.

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