Does this thought seem familiar? We know given the typical software developer’s workflow, it might give them little comfort.

The team is assigned a new project. You are asked how long you expect it to take and you estimate it’s 10 hours. But more often than not, this guess fails to account for all of the time that goes into developing the project. Each time you start a new project, you start with writing repetitive code to create the boilerplate in your favorite programming language. In this all-too-common scenario the 10-hour time estimate turns into 20 hours, with a lot of that spent on inefficient use of time. This was what drove us to create Skaffolder. Imprecise estimates get in the way of on-budget, on-time delivery and our customers don’t forget that.

The solution?

You could work on improving the accuracy of your estimates or you could adopt a procedure that includes Skaffolder. While there are many frameworks available in the marketplace today there was not a single place to find a collection of certified quality templates, until now.

Skaffolder is a platform that allows developers to quickly build custom web and mobile applications in multiple programming languages. Starting from an intuitive visual modeling, it allows you to generate the source code, documentation and the initial interface you need to get a project started. We store the code on your GIT repository in your chosen programming languages and unlike other low code or no code generators, you control the code. We address a challenge for many development teams and our solution delivers more than a 40% time savings on most projects.

Whether working on multiple projects or not, most development environments are constantly being pulled into and out of any given project. There’s a cost associated with constantly having to refocus on your current task, which can impact your accuracy. Skaffolder promotes a documentation first approach, that helps your company to better estimate cost and timing effort.

Many advantages comes from this approach; your code will always fit your documentation keeping in sync developers and operations in your company. It also promotes reusability of the code and standard among all the teams of your company, this means that cost of maintenance decreases and your knowledge is stored in the automation tool that allows you to provide continuity to your business also in case of talent attrition.

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