Hi developer!
Do you want to demonstrate that your code is high quality?
Do you want to deal with developers like you?

This challenge is for you

Our platform builds dynamic boilerplates in different languages and we want to compare our code to yours and exchange ideas with top coders like you.

The competition consists in building the best quality backend or frontend from a sample boilerplate.
You can choose your preferred frontend language and build a frontend linked to our sample API (we will provide it to you when the competition starts) or you can choose a backend language and build API relative to our frontend sample (provided).

We will evaluate the quality of your code according to:

  • Order of code
  • Low rate of WTF/min when reading code
  • Best practices
  • Simplicity
  • Short methods
  • Quality comments
  • Naming conventions
  • Clever code
  • Performance
  • Reusability
  • Testing

The competition will start on 6th March and will last a week, we will provide you a GITHUB repository with the frontend or backend code needed to start your development.

The best 3 codes will be awarded with an Amazon e-Gift card and a mention in our community.

1st place → 125€ Amazon eGift card
2nd place →  75€ Amazon eGift card
3rd place →  50€ Amazon eGift card

To participate the competition compile the Google form here: