In the future, software development will be increasing automated. Intelligent development tools, AI-assisted software development will make the software development process faster, more efficient, consistent and effective while automating the quality assurance, testing and maintenance tasks.

For example, Apple has announced ground-breaking tools to develop real-time, personalized experiences using their advanced smartphone chips that use a Neural Engine. With their Core ML and Create ML technologies, developers can create powerful machine learning applications without writing a line of code. To make AI even more prevalent, companies like Google are building their own AI chips to make on-device AI processing faster and more secure. Toolkits like Microsoft Cognitive Services enable developers to incorporate AI into their apps with a few simple lines of code. Developing with AI from the start can also improve the development process itself. AI-enhanced software development tools can use machine learning to speed up the entire process, using data and pattern section to automatically debug code, improve the delivery schedule and create a faster model-view-presenter through automatic code generation and automated testing.

An easy step for software developers to get started with automation is to use a source code generator. Source code generators offer benefits in:

  • Productivity – code can be written once and reused many times
  • Consistency – company standards and best practices can be standardized. Using a code generator, you always get the code you expect according to the same principles and style.
  • Portability – once a model and code has been created for a given language of framework, it can be readily changed to a different language or framework.
  • Documentation – documentation can be used to generate the code. Documentation stays in synch with the code.

Skaffolder is a flexible cloud-based SaaS platform that allows software developers to build custom web and mobile applications faster. Code is generated by code templates that incorporate a company’s technology standards and key developer knowledge. The generated source code is fully documented and customizable. Templates are reusable, reducing development cost, errors and the need for specialized skills. Using Skaffolder can save up to 40% of a developer’s time.

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