There are many reasons that software developers reuse code. Many developers reuse code, whether is it code they already created or code that they have found online from various forums or open source websites.

Developers often realize that they have previously solved a problem and are facing the same problem in a new context. When developers write libraries or work on large system development (ex. rendering engines, databases, frameworks), etc. – there is a good opportunity for reusability. With the appropriate planning and use of code templates, developers can leverage what they have written before and focus on the business logic of the application.

Skaffolder, is transforming the software development process. Starting with specifications, a developer can generate documented code in one click. Skaffolder stores the code on your GIT repository in your chosen programming languages and unlike other code generators, you control the code. Code is generated by code templates that incorporate your technology guidelines and standards. Templates are reusable, reducing development cost, errors and the need for specialized skills. Start from Skaffolder’s ready to use templates or customize your own. Skaffolder's templates are readily incorporated into a DevOps environment and ensure that your documentation is always in synch with your code.

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